Contact: Christy Anderson Author, Down On One Knee

For Immediate Release
November 7th, 1998

New Book For Those Seeking to

"Pop the Age Old Question" with New-Found Creativity

(Tampa, FL) Author Christy Anderson has announced the release of her new book Down On One Knee, A Guide To Proposing Marriage With Finesse. Bachelors and bachelorettes from every corner of the world can now access the magically creative files of this book for memorable ways to ask their loved ones to marry them. 

Christy, got the idea for the book, after she herself asked her fiancÚ to marry her two years ago in a creative way. She placed an ad in a quaint little bed and breakfast town and let him flip the pages until he was looking at his own engagement ad. He said yes, and since then, she has also aided her brother in strategizing the momentous occasion for his fiancÚ. She helped him plan a surprise by planting the ring in a museum display case and letting the unexpected bride to be stumble upon it. She determined that this kind of creativity is needed by more men and women than just her brother, thus, the book. With over 2 million couples getting married in the U.S. each year, Down On One Knee proves itself to be the most "engaging" resource on the Internet.

"Down On One Knee is loaded with creative scenarios for those in love, but clueless about how to make the big moment magical," states Christy Anderson. Popping the question is a moment that everyone dreams of, no matter who does the asking, man or woman. In this booklet, she creatively and uniquely addresses different memory-making ideas that you can adopt and make your own. Although this book is primarily directed towards men, women, also have taken the leap and ordered the book to make the magic moment happen themselves with these creative scenarios.

Currently, the book is available as an e-book and may be ordered from The most demand is for downloadable copies because it can viewed or printed within minutes for discreet and quick access to all the wonderful ideas.

"The people that are ordering are are people of all socio-eco status, age and culture, including IBM executives, students etc. They tell me, ‘I’ve got to have your book quick, I’m proposing in the next week and have no idea what to do!’

Christy states, "After all, to a woman, what’s a pretty diamond ring at the workplace water cooler without an incredibly romantic story to accompany it?" 

Down One One Knee is currently listed with the premier Internet Wedding Site, Wedding Central at Future plans include adding stories of readers who used the ideas in the book and the advice that accompany them.

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